Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time is running out!

It happens every year . . . you're finally into the swing of summer and suddenly you realize it's almost over! I had grand plans for this year. We were going to do all sorts of exciting side day trips and overnights and, and, and . . . and now almost all weekends are taken up! What happened to the camping trip I so wanted to plan? Hopefully the weather will stay decent into October and we'll get out there to experience a night or two in a tent with Monkey. Mark thinks I'm CRAZY for wanting this :) but he'll indulge me as long as I can get us all out there. I bought a tent and everything (there's no way we're going in our teensy backpacking tent!).

Other things on the list we haven't gotten to:

Remlinger Farms
Biringer Farms
Wolf Haven
NW Trek

There's more I'm sure but the list is at home and we're on Vashon so let's focus on what we HAVE done!

Kingfisher Cabin on Vashon the best part (aside from the beach) is the grandparents next door!
Lots and lots of digging and splashing at Golden Gardens
Exploring at Carkeek
Checking out the fish (and boats) at the Locks
Fish & Chips at the Totem House
Splashing in the backyard pool with friends
Monkey learning to ride his tricycle
Margaritas on the deck, more margaritas on the deck . . . and more . . .
Park dates with lots of friends
Boat rides with Monkey
Monkey visiting his cousins
Feeding the goats
First vegetable garden ever
Swimming in the Sound (yes, I'm a crazy born & bred Northwesterner)
Fun with snails
Picking berries
Farm Tots at South 47 Farm (sans wagon ride as Monkey balks each and every time)
Painting in the backyard
Naked days (for Monkey, not for me!)
Monkey's first popsicle (first of many now!)
many trips to get CHOCOLATE ice cream cones at The Scoop at Walter's
Outdoor "soccer"
Swim lessons
Owls, eagles, kingfishers, seagulls, ducks, etc.
Muffin tins
Point Defiance Zoo trip
Family Reunion
Countless hours of throwing rocks into the water
Looking for crabs (and watching Monkey's face as one scrabbles across his palm)

and hopefully we'll stuff a few more things in before fall arrives!
What have your favorite activities been this summer?
Or what's still on your list?

Act now!

p.s. Let me know if you have any good (nearby) campsites to recommend. I am DETERMINED!


katy said...

determined and crazy . . .

give him a flash light in his room and call it good.

Lisa said...

So glad that I am not the only one who feels like I have let summer slip away! I had so many fun field trips planned. We have made it on some, but not nearly as many as I had hoped. We loved camping at Deception Pass in June. Gorgeous!!!