Friday, August 29, 2008

Willpower Wednesday (on Friday)

You know how blogs often have cute theme days . . . there's "Muffin Tin Monday" (of course!), Tackle It Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Recipe Thursday (ha!), Photo Friday . . . and so many more. Well, I think I need Willpower Wednesday - because I have NONE and I need some . . . fast!

I thought about titling this post, "My DVR is trying to kill me" but really it's me again. I have a compulsive need to empty it. There's no reason to stay up so late watching inane shows . . . but I do it. I NEED MORE SLEEP! The solution is simple - go to bed earlier - but for some reason I simply can't. 11:30 pm seems to be the earliest I can hit and even then I open up a book, do some stupid sudoku, write or lay there staring at the ceiling before my eyes close. Insomnia sucks. I make deals with myself from time to time . . . don't turn the t.v. on past a certain time. Close the book once this chapter ends . . . it may work for a bit but I always end up breaking the deal.

Don't get me started on nighttime snacking! The pounds are creeping up on me and it's (again) up to me to fight it!

Maybe admitting there's a problem (in print) will help me to change. One can only hope!

Oh and I did end up going to bed early last night (to bed at 9:30 and lights out 10:30--pretty good since the past few nights I've looked at the clock and it's been 1:30 am). But then Monkey was up off and on between 2:00 and 3:45 . . . that hasn't happened in months! I guess he knew I was trying to catch some zzz's. Damned if you do, damned if you don't!


katy said...

Oh Jessica, I've had this problem on and off in so many variations . . .it just sucks! Really. It is hard to break the cycle.

I'm not having insomnia issues right now (knock on wood) but I'm like you - I CAN'T GO TO BED!!! On the computer is how I eat up the night time hours. Doing nothing important at all. I look at the clock and tell myself, 15 more mins, that I say - 10:15 . . .then 10:45. Then I say, 11:00 isn't bad, and next thing you know it's 11:30. The thing is I'm exhausted, but I just can't go. I think I love the quiet time - all by myself to do whatever I want. But it is so unhealthy and bad for me. The snacking is sooo typical when you're tired. Your body craves carbs to give you energy - your cravings (mine too) are really telling us we're tired and it's time for sleep. I usually break into the cheddar goldfish crackers instead of putting on my PJs. Sigh. Why is it so hard to do the things we know are good for ourselves?

sproutsinthekitchen said...

glad to see that, almost a year later, you've licked that insomnia problem of yours. ;)