Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Foot Frenzy

Here's a fun (outdoor!) project to do with your toddler . . . foot painting! No, not a painting of your foot but painting with your feet. Foot prints to be exact. If I'd been prepared I would have used those big washable stamp pads (but we don't have any and I'm never prepared) so we just used plain old tempera. It's a bit slippery on the feet (but that's part of the fun) so I would advise holding hands as your little one steps.

I used the big dishes from our bubble wand sets for the paint. I have to give a MAJOR plug for these bubble wands. They are really easy for young kids to use and make their own bubbles (as any hyperventilating parent knows this is a GOOD thing). My son's been using them since before he turned two and has always been successful at producing bubbles without help. You can get your own at street fairs around town (they often have a booth) or here. I recommend getting the two wand set with the dish--great for playdates!

Okay back to the foot art experiment:

As I mentioned, big washable stamp pads would produce a better product but this was really just about messy fun in the driveway. I let Monkey pick out two colors of paint and I put a bit in each dish.

I had set out a large piece of paper on the edge of the patio so he dipped a foot and went to town. He insisted mama feet be included on our masterpiece so I dipped in as well. It was squishy, good fun. Afterwards we washed our feet with the hose (I put it out ready for us and made sure he couldn't get anywhere near the house w/out a rinse first) and stomped our feet on a towel. I highly recommend having a nearby water source and a towel at the ready.

After we finished he was much more interested in watching the water run down the driveway . . . but art time was fun while it lasted.

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Anonymous said...

What great summer fun! Terrific idea.