Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spinach Eggs

Monkey has taken a decidedly anti-vegetable stance these days but the one veggie I can stuff in him is spinach. I know . . . hard to believe! Since he was old enough to eat eggs I've made scrambled eggs with spinach (green eggs) and (thank God) he still likes them. In fact, one morning I was out and I got a call on the cell that went like this:

Husband: Uhm, Monkey is crying and he won't stop - he's saying "eggs" and "green" I think.
Me: Did you make scrambled eggs?
H: Yes
Me: Did you put spinach in them?
H: Spinach? No . . .
Me: Yeah, he won't eat eggs unless they're green - try pancakes.

So my advice is if you have a little, try making green eggs and hopefully it will continue on. Here's how I do it.

You'll need: pre-washed spinach (1-2 cups), a decent chef's knife, eggs & cheese (optional).

1) Chop spinach really fine like this.

2) Melt butter (or a little oil) in a pan over medium heat - add spinach and cook a bit (I add a bit of salt and pepper now but back when he was tiny I didn't).

3) Scramble eggs in a bowl (I add a bit of water) and pour over spinach. Important note - you need to make sure the little spinach bits are all covered with egg so fold eggs over the spinach until cooked. Otherwise you'll get a kid picking at the bits of free spinach.

4) Add some grated cheese and voila! Please share what (healthy) meals your kids enjoy!


ksjjpalmer said...

I'm gonna try this. My kids insist upon colored eggs too. Except they want food color. I'm going to tell all of my friends with babies this trick too.

Stacey said...

You're back! And with an updated picture! Love the spinach and eggs idea- may try with Aidan.

Jackie Chobot said...

Love the new blog picture, btw. Good for you with the spinach in the scrambled eggs - brilliant!

Natalie said...