Friday, May 22, 2009

Marmalade Originals

Check out my latest pick (Marmalade Originals). I really dig these skirts! I have one with a great print - it's brown bird silhouettes with green leaves on a field of white (I'll attempt to take a picture later today - update: here's my self-portrait). It makes me happy to wear. I can't wait to pick out another one. My friends and I are having a skirt party in June - I really want to support this mom/daughter team! Check them out here (not a lot shown online - go to Ballard Farmer's Market to see much, much more).


ksjjpalmer said...

Very cute! Haven't you blogged on these already? I am very excited to see a new post!

Anonymous said...

adorable! Kim-

Tracy said...

crazy i just bought my first one at the winter festival this weekend