Friday, August 1, 2008

What a difference 7 days make!

This year we finally filled in the planters Mark built when he covered the hideous green concrete patio with our new deck (he's cute AND handy!). So I decided to jump into the wild world of vegetables. I've always been a perennial gal and have only grown tomatoes in pots but this year I wanted Monkey to see some edible stuff grow--and I hope and pray he may EAT some of the bounty. Gotta stuff some veggies in that kid somehow!

Well, the weather and my plans did not coincide too well this year. I didn't think we'd ever have tomatoes after weeks of watching my plants just sit there. Who knew all we had to do was go away for a week! Everything shot up while we were gone (thanks to M for watering so well!). My beans have gone past the top of the pole and are madly twirling themselves towards the clouds. Monkey's beans are almost to the top of the pole (he insisted on planting his own spot). The squash has exploded and today I saw actual squash! Wahoo! Let's hope the pumpkins are on the same track.


katy said...

Looks like you have a magic bean stalk growing there! How cool ~

Monkey's Mama said...

Yeah, it's so crazy! Mark hooked up a string over to the fence so we'll see if it follows it without help (we're over on the island again). I can only hope the tomatoes are ready when we get back. Logan and I ate the first two yesterday--YUM!