Monday, August 11, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday at the Beach

Monkey's latest muffin tin was eaten on the deck at Kingfisher Cabin on Vashon. The beach was much more interesting than the day's muffin tin so not much was eaten (although all the blackberries were promptly inhaled). Here it is in all it's beachy glory.

Cheese & Turkey
Grape Tomatoes
Blackberries picked from the driveway
Baby Belle Cheese
Black Beans

Alas, we are now home from the beach. I miss it, but I love sleeping in my own bed WITHOUT Monkey!

See all the muffin tin mamas at FrannyKate's Creative State (Sycamore Stirrings is on vacation).


Annie said...

Blackberries from the driveway?! You lucky, lucky girl!

Monkey's Grammy said...

I'm sorry you aren't at the beach too.