Thursday, July 17, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday - On Thursday

I have finally made a muffin tin meal for Monkey! It's a fabulous idea I gleaned from Sycamore Stirrings details here. She is encouraging all to take part and share their creations. This week got a bit tricky (should have started earlier!) and a challenge was given to create a RAINBOW themed muffin tin. Well, I didn't have much time (I was madly doing the packing for our beach trip that I SHOULD have done the night before . . . but let's not dwell on my constant procrastination) but I did have lots of different colored berries so I went for it.

Muffin Tin Breakfast from left to right: red raspberries/golden raspberries (they're kind of orange . . . right?), cheese and peanut butter fingers, the next two spots are yellow and green (scrambled eggs with spinach--it's the only green he'll eat that isn't a jelly bean--someone help me!), blueberries and blackberries (for this experiment let's call them purple berries).
For a first attempt it went pretty well except Monkey kept asking for a muffin throughout the meal and well after! I guess I'll have to make some muffins this week. I'm hoping to use this in the future to encourage Mr. Picky to eat some different foods (VEGETABLES). Here's hoping! I'll post my progress (or lack thereof).


katy said...

Sorry to keep you hanging out there in cyber space. I meant to get back to your email. sorry!

Your blog is GREAT! Yay for you. Should I post your muffin tin today or save it until Monday for the RAINBOW challenge?

Congrats on your job. I think it is just great! Sounds like a good way to focus on something other than being a mommy. Good for you. Don't discount your "little" job! I'd love to find something like that.

katy said...

just was walking back into the office to add your picture and link when your comment popped in. weird.