Monday, July 14, 2008

200 Miles

My amazing husband just rode his bike over 200 miles in the self-styled "STS". You may have heard of the STP (Seattle to Portland) where billions of cyclists ride to Portland (about 200 miles) some doing it in one day and most doing it in two. Well, M is a bit different than most . . . so last year he decided he was tired of the Portland hullabaloo. They have a nice after-ride party, etc. but then you either have to have somebody (me) pick you up and drive back (with all the other billion STP participants) or ride back on the bus. Both options include a looooong drive in cramped conditions after you've been on your bike for two days. So M (who LOVES to solve a problem) decided to create his own ride. He packs all his stuff on his bike, rides to the halfway point with the rest of the plebes, and camps overnight (enjoying the beer garden and watching Le Tour). But in the morning when everybody loads there stuff back on the trucks and takes off South . . . M straps all his stuff back to the bike and rides back home! So this is the second year of the STS and he made it again! Bravo!

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Anonymous said...

Way to gp M.... I'm really proud of you.... As your wife is...Love Lexy