Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Working . . . during nap time . . . what a way to make a living

I got a job! Well, it's a teeny tiny, low (almost no) paying job . . . but I'm excited (and nervous) about the whole thing. Applying for the job was really the impetus to start this blog . . . so now will I have the time or inclination to post? We'll see. Okay, back to the job . . . it all started on a whim. I subscribe to Seattle Picks (email comes out on Fridays with cool Seattle boutiques, bars, restaurants, etc.). I don't remember how I got on it--somebody forwarded it to me. Anyhoo, I was reading it during nap time on July 4th and at the bottom was a small blurb about looking for a new writer and to send in a sample "pick." I thought, "it's the beginning of nap time . . . what the hell." So I sent in a sample and two weeks later they sent me a contract! So now I am a freelance writer for Seattle Picks. I need to come up with two picks a month in the SP style so if you have any great places you'd like to give a little love & exposure - let me know! Meanwhile, sign up for the newsletter at I just turned in my first piece so we'll see if it gets published. Sometimes they've got good contests for gift certificates at cool shops, etc. (which sadly I will no longer be eligible for--I've won in the past!) So even if you don't want to read my silly stuff--check it out!

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