Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nothing says Halloween like a sucker & a bucket on your head!

Monkey wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween this year. He talks about it a lot and I was able to find a cheap pullover deal at Target (2nd to last one!) so hopefully he will actually WEAR a costume this year.

Last year we fashioned a Bob the Builder costume (complete with a little tool belt I got at Top Ten Toys) but alas, he would have nothing to do with it when the day came around. We decided he'd go as "obstinate boy" instead. We still had fun and with the crush of kids and coats hardly anyone noticed he wasn't wearing a costume.

Every year I create calendars for my parents. I use pictures from each month the year before of (you guessed it) Monkey. Well, for October the year before I had very sweet photos of Monkey in his lion costume and with pumpkins, etc. Well this year all I could scrounge up were a photo of him as "obstinate boy" with his first sucker and one with a jack'o'lantern bucket on his head. The caption for October reads, "Nothing says Halloween like a sucker and a bucket on your head." Let's hope this year we'll have some better picture opportunities.

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