Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rain King

My friend A & I went to see the Counting Crows & Maroon 5 at the White River Amphitheater Sunday night. I'd never been to this venue and I have to say it was pretty cool. We were in the FRONT ROW so really how could it not be cool?!! But it does seem like a decent outdoor venue and a whole lot closer than the Gorge which is what is needed on a Sunday night.

I won the tickets by being the 10th caller on The Mountain (radio station). I was calling with both my cell and home phone and I got through on my cell. I was amazed (and just like every other caller you hear winning on the radio)! All in all we had a great time at the show. A got a guitar pick (and I think she is still buzzing about that) and we had a nice time away from the kiddos. I'm not much into Maroon 5 but they put on a good show. Counting Crows I love (but maybe not quite as much as A does) and it was fun to see them up close and personal AND they did mostly old stuff so YEAH for me! The staff around us were really friendly and nice (which can be rare in concert security) which is great since they're basically right in front of you the whole concert! One guy was taking pictures for people and he also found a bunch of kids during the Maroon5 set and brought them up front. This one little girl knew all the words and was really getting down. So cute!

All these people around us had cameras and if I'd known I could bring my camera I would have! Luckily, A has a blackberry so we snapped a few photos for posterity (and the blog of course). Enjoy!


RMP said...

I didn't know you were such a rocker, Jessica!

Monkey's Mama said...

Nowadays I only am when it's free!

katy said...

how fun! what are the chances of actually winning something like that? have to admit, i don't even know a song that maroon 5 sings. . .although i have heard of them. counts for something, right?

we saw neil young there right after it opened. what did you think of the amphitheater?