Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me . . .

Monkey's birthday is a few days before mine so the madness of the birthday planning, etc. is then followed by me (and most of my loved ones) suddenly remembering (or forgetting) that it's my birthday too.

This morning I told monkey it was my birthday and he said . . . wait for it . . . "Why?" (which he asks of EVERYTHING). So I said, "because 36 years ago today I was born." And he gaily responded, "I was born YESTERDAY!" Gotta love that time continuum for kiddos--absolutely everything that happens pre-nap is "yesterday" or "last week".

I remember the days when birthdays rocked! I loved my birthday. Now all I hear is my dad's voice gleefully telling me, "you're on the bullet train to forty." Thanks dad!

Actually, the whole thing isn't really bumming me out like I thought it would (although I must say crow's feet suck). I don't much care that I'm no longer the center of attention (at least most of the time). I had a lot of good years there in the spotlight. Today I was surprised by a few prezzies and some thoughtful cards and calls (thanks for the songs - you know who you are) so I'm pretty happy. All in all it was a nice sunny day and a good birthday.

I still can't believe I'm 36 but I'll just concentrate on Monkey being 3 (which is completely mind-blowing) instead. Will it ever be all about me . . . ever again? Somehow, I don't think so and, surprisingly, I'm okay with that. And really, when you're potty-training, who the heck has time to celebrate birthdays!

Edit 8:30 pm: M came home with roses, chocolates & my favorite imported cookies (yeah!). I did have to share with Monkey (so now I can hear him whizzing around the room as M attempts to put him to bed). AND Monkey pooped in the POTTY (no begging for a diaper) with no cajoling or anything. He just went in there and said, "I just want to be alone mommy." The best present ever!

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