Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa Photos

I know, the holidays are over - but I've been behind on the blog (and life) and I wanted to share an easy way to display Santa photos. My Aunt has a huge display beginning from my first cousin's birth to now where the spouses and grand kids are included. I love looking at it each Christmas and vowed to start my own with Monkey. It's a great way to see the changes and a great way to make your Christmas decor personal. Here's a quick and easy way to display:

Items you'll need:

Length of Decorative Ribbon (at least 2 inches wide - mine is thicker but I think it would look great with a plain 2 inch red or gold, etc. ribbon) - Length depends on how many photos you have - you'll need enough at the top to hang and however much you want at the bottom.

Velcro Sticky-Back Tape - you can get this in a roll or strips. Just cut to fit your ribbon.

Picture Nail (optional) - you can hang from anywhere - even a curtain rod or mirror, etc.

Decorative Fluff (optional) - feel free to put some greenery at the top or bottom or a bauble - go crazy or keep it simple

Arrange your pictures in order by year (I mark on the back each year before putting away) - not important now since I only have four but later I'm sure it will be! Cut piece of velcro and apply the fuzzy piece to your picture and the nubby piece to the spot on the ribbon you want it to hang. Leave enough at the top of the ribbon for hanging. I didn't have much ribbon this year and I was in a hurry but I would suggest doing a bow at the top - maybe add a sprig of holly - or something like that. I went quick and dirty this year and just looped it on a nail and hung a gold star from the same nail. I would also have a bit more ribbon showing between pictures.

If you don't have velcro (but really, you have over 300 days to do this project so no excuses!) you can use regular tape but use enough so the pictures don't keep falling off the ribbon in the night (not that that has ever happened to me . . .) I like using the velcro because then when you store them you won't have any sticky residue mucking up the pictures.

Eventually, I may frame the pictures when there are enough - but right now I like the ribbon and I don't need a lot of space to display. Once your pictures fill up a ribbon - just cut a longer piece or start a new one. Or change ribbon to your mood.

Look how Monkey has changed: He goes from happy baby (oblivious really), to hysterical, to nervous (tongue sticking out) and back to happy (but still won't sit on his lap - and I don't blame him!)


ksjjpalmer said...

A fine post!I'm going to do that too. I think I am the only one who looked at our photos this year. I am also going to date them all right now!

RMM said...

can't wait to see this years!