Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monsters Monsters Everywhere

Monsters are big in Monkey's life right now. He asks if there are monsters in the darkened living room, under his chair before he puts his feet down, he pretends he's a monster, he wants me to pretend I'm a monster, he has Dad pretend with him to be monsters and attack Mom with tickles, he wants the lamp on in his room so he can make sure there are no "big bad wolves" or monsters . . . It's basically 24/7 monsters around here.

Well, after fighting the "you need to go potty before we get in the car" battle every freakin' day - I decided to use monsters to my advantage. If you are in a public bathroom and hear the following exchange in the stall next to you - it's me and Monkey:

Mom (in a puny, squeaky monster voice - think Mr. Bill): "Oh no, don't get me . . . noooo!"

Monkey laughing (peeing in bowl): "I got you!!"

Monkey ordering me: "say, don't flush me!"

Mom: "NOOOOoooooo Don't flush me - noooo! whatever you do - ahhhh!"

Monkey (giggling): flushing the toilet then yelling (so very loudly), "You are going down to the SEWAGE PLANT!!!"

Yep, that's how we roll in the Monkey house.


ksjjpalmer said...

excellent! I love a "taken advantage of" monster. I love a smart creative go-with-the-flow mama!

Teacher Tom said...

Sweet! You know, they tell us how to parent them. We just need to know how to listen.