Friday, July 15, 2011

The first foray into the forest - overnight!

I've really wanted to take Monkey camping for a while but last year it just wasn't in the cards (and before that I was not up for the challenge of camping with a toddler or baby). All along my husband has thought that I was insane. So with Mr. Monkey out of the equation, I planned a mom's camp out with an experienced friend (thank God for her!)

We smashed the kids into her car and then shoved in all the gear. We were only going for two nights but I'm pretty sure we could have survived weeks in that car if a disaster had hit. We stayed at Moran State Park which I would highly recommend for kid camping! We were at the North End campground which doesn't afford a lot of privacy but it's very close to the wonderful Cascade Lake day-use area (swimming area, playground and boat rentals) and easy hiking trails. We hiked, explored the campsite, roasted marshmallows for s'mores, swam in the lake and kayaked. We really packed it all in. Monkey LOVED it and was so sad that we had to leave. We will do it again - but maybe in two cars!


1) If you don't have a lot of gear - tag-a-long with a friend who does! My camping guru had a camp stove and everything else I don't have or would have forgotten.

2) Start small (close to home/civilization so you can bail if necessary and not too many nights for your first time). You WILL be exhausted!

3) Bring wipes! A roll of paper towels doesn't hurt either.

4) Pack some of those wipes and some ziplocks on long hikes - let's just say we had a bathroom emergency about two miles away from camp . . .

5) Even if the weather feels like summer (which unfortunately this year it hasn't) bring some warm layers as it's colder in the trees and after the sun goes down. It's tough to sleep when you are freezing.

6) Have fun and get dirty. Realize that your back will probably hurt and you won't get much sleep but it's all worth it!


ksjjpalmer said...

We haven't gone camping yet. I, myself, have camped for seven weeks in a row and 10 days is my record without a shower). I have decided that we need a "camping guru" and an invite to make it happen. My Mr. isn't so excited about the idea with kids either. I think I will look in to Moran State Park. Thanks for the tips.
p.s. Did you get any mosquito bites?

Monkey's Mama said...

seven weeks in a row? Wow, I don't think you need a camping guru - I think you are one! My record is 8 days but that was a looong time ago. I hear Fort Flagler is cool too. We are going again - with the hubs! We are checking out Penrose Point State Park. I'll let you know how it is.

ksjjpalmer said...

My big camping trip was in 1993.We don't have any "current" equipment any more. I think we would need a big tent with the two kids. I'm sure we could borrow the rest.

likeschocolate said...

Love the name og your blog. Too cute!

Monkey's Mama said...

Thank you! :)