Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Spider

We stood in the living room, surrounded by boxes scrawled with chicken scratches: "Tree", "Lights", "Garland", "Misc". I looked around the living room and the last vestiges of Monkey's Halloween crafts were still up. We agreed to take the jack'o'lantern pictures off of the window but decided to keep up the leaf collage (he made an excellent point that it was still Fall). We were almost cleared out and ready to bring out the holiday bling but then I reached up to take down the spider (made at preschool out of an egg carton, pipe cleaners and some googly eyes). That's when I heard the screech, "Noooooo! I want it to stay forever!" At first, I just couldn't understand (and I was tired and not really wanting to understand a crazed four-year-old). It could have easily become a power struggle (I mean I was REALLY tired) and then I realized - why can't it be there "forever"? In the big scheme of things I think a little spider (did I mention it's pink?) isn't a big thing. So we decided to make it a Santa spider. So I made a little hat, Monkey decorated it with his favorite thing in the world (glitter) and we glued a puff ball on the top. Santa spider now lives on the garland on the mantel - forever.

Photo credit goes to Monkey.


Teacher Tom said...

Right on! Kids aren't always attached to their art, but when they are we should honor that. Way to go with the flow and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't start a whole new holiday decorating trend. =)

sproutsinthekitchen said...

That is beyond hilarious! Can't wait to see Santa Spider all jazzed up with hearts in a few months. Or maybe it'll be lucky enough to get packed up with all the rest of your Christmas bling and dragged out next year as a fun reminder. :)