Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Well, I've caught the bug again. Not H1N1 but the crafting bug. Of course it's a bit late - but I want to make another advent calendar this year. Last year's was a lot of fun (both to make and open) and the plan is to make it a tradition. If only I had made the origami cups a bit sturdier . . . I would suggest using ribbon for the handles if you make it but I didn't want to buy anything so I tried to use what I had in the house (lots of paper). Anyhoo, I've got a quick idea for this year's calendar and I'll be sure to share once it's done - hopefully prior to December 1st!

(Last year's folding fun)

I'm also excited to have a mantel this year - Mark finished it (mostly) over the summer and it's exciting to have somewhere to hang the stockings again. It also means I have some horizontal space to play with for decorating . . . agh! I was inspired by Amber over at Life and Times of Stella (check her out - she's funny and smart) to create a banner kind of like this. She hasn't blogged about it but I know she has all the materials just ready and waiting. Mine will be a bit simpler as again - I want to use up what I have in the house! I think I'll raid Monkey's glitter stash.

So that's what I'll be doing in the wee hours - what about you?


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I love it! I want to do an advent calendar with Kaish this year. I keep meaning too! And he is getting so big. I really must! : ) Thank you for reminding me!

Rachel said...

I want to make one of those banners... I've lost a little of my creativity touch and think I might have to talk to you about it.

Tina Lane said...

I love quick and dirty crafting. What a great idea! Instant gratification has its place in the cosmos.

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