Saturday, July 25, 2009

Preschool Humor

Today we went to Seafood Fest. Monkey enjoyed an obstacle course sponsored by Children's Hospital (got a free jump rope at the end), making a boat (Center for Wooden Boats), the bouncies, climbing in a fire truck and especially listening to Billy Bear. In fact, Billy Bear made us a bit late for quiet time as Monkey just couldn't break away - but we made it home. He walked the whole way with only a teensy bit of whining. If he started to slow we'd just start talking about that silly bear and he'd about fall over laughing.

Now Billy Bear is a silly, silly bear. At first he tried knock knock jokes - but really word play like that is pretty lost on the wee ones (unless there's something about potty involved). But then he started repeating words fed to him by his "owner". And this is when hilarity ensued. The man would say, "can you say lollipop?" and Billy Bear would respond, "Polli-Lop" - then all the kids would roll on the floor (literally) laughing. Hamburger - Bamhurger and on and on. The kids ate it up and I bet Monkey will still be talking about it right after he wakes up.

I love the simple humor that leaves preschoolers in stitches. Many times to get Monkey to put on his own clothes (for some reason he loathes doing that) we'll play a game where he'll put his shorts on his head and ask, "like this?" and I'll respond, "YES!" then pause and say, "nooo" as if I'm confused (he loves this and sometimes the game goes on a bit long . . . but in the end the shorts get on).

I try to use this technique when I see a tantrum or something brewing (note: if the tears have begun this will NOT work). Just anything silly or out of place will do it to snap him out of it (if I'm lucky that day). I'll put on his hat - or put a bracelet on my head - or try to put a hat over my shoe, etc. Anything that's "wrong" is right in this case! Rhyming games can also head off the tears if started at the right time. Rhyming is a big deal in Monkey's world right now. Combine rhyming with twisted words - you've got yourself an act.


Teacher Tom said...

I love this post!

I like to using "preschool humor" to kick off Circle Time when the kids are a little too pumped up. Just as you found with using goofiness as a lead in for getting dressed, laughter is a great way to concentrate the group's attention where I want it -- on me. I have a song about sitting in broken glass, thorny roses and camp fires that works almost every time.

I'm enjoying your blog.

Monkey's Mama said...

Thank you Teacher Tom!

ksjjpalmer said...

excellent ideas. I wish we had seen Alley Oop and Billy bear too!
Both of my kids would have loved it. I checked out his website but it doesnt say where he is appearing. I definitely need some tips on how to head off a tantrum or two!

Teacher Tom said...

FYI, I've linked to this in my post this morning:


Monkey's Mama said...

Thanks Teacher Tom!
Susan - L ended up seeing Billy Bear on Sunday too (the whole show this time - loved it). Oh and talking about Billy Bear helped him stay awake in the car last night (no nap yesterday). He STILL didn't go to bed any earlier though. We all have our crosses . . . your kids sleep at least!

ksjjpalmer said...

Well, that is debatable....

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Great ideas to get the humor to work FOR you! ;)

My eldest is the same way - sometimes all he needs is a little silliness to help with mundane tasks that he seemingly can't bear to take on!