Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Monkey's Daddy

Well today I made my first ever "scratch" cake for M's birthday AND it was vegan! I was very nervous but only called A (my neighborhood baking expert) once - well, it would have been twice but she wasn't home the second time so I decided to wing it. All in all this cake is delicious and moist and the glaze is very yummy. The only drawback was the cake fell a bit in the middle - but I wasn't out to impress M with the look of the cake (I knew Monkey would be doing the final decoration anyway - no Martha Stewart cakes in this house!) and the taste made up for the droopiness. You can get the recipe at Real Simple.

Picture 1: Monkey sneaking a bite
Picture 2: The full droop - looks a bit like red blood cell!
Picture 3: The glaze - yum!
Picture 4: Glazed cake (didn't wait until it was fully cool as we had to go to dinner and I wanted it to be "dry" by the time we got back! - worked fine
Picture 5: Monkey decorating with strawberries
Picture 6: Finished cake with Monkey stealing yet another taste

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!! See it wasn't so hard was it!