Saturday, November 29, 2008


If you're like me you take WAY too many photos of your little one (and before that I took way to many photos of . . . everything) but now I have an audience (Grandparents) so I like to give them photo gifts when at all possible.

I thought I'd compile some interesting options. We all know the main players (Shutterfly is my favorite, Kodak Gallery and Snapfish) but here are some off the beaten path ideas:

Photobooks (okay, they are all over the place but this site ( gives you software to download so you create the book on your own computer and then upload - no waiting for pix to render, etc.) I was so frustrated when I made my free Oprah book on Snapfish (not a book about Oprah - but the deal was from the Oprah show). Everybody and their dog was on the site so it took forever!

Notepads, shopping lists, lined pads, etc. PicPads makes cute little notepads for pure Grandparent pleasure. Great for a fundraiser, big birthday or wedding chotchkies too.

Inexpensive (and green) photo mounting at Plywerk. They mount your photos on plywood and voila, instant art ready to hang. Check out this weeks Seattle Picks for a 25% discount until Dec. 5th.

There's more but I have to go get ready for the influx of parents picking up wreaths from my garage! If you have any great photo gift ideas please comment!


Rachel said...

I have no idea what photo rendering means, but I trust you and think I am going to use MyPublisher! Wish me luck!

Rachel said...

BTW, You are a high techy mama... I like the blog!